Fun and interesting!! The lectures on starting food business sponsored by cross FM - 2012.02.21 Tue

*This photo is taken with iPhone4, edited with camera+ and Instagram.

I attended the lecture on starting food business last weekend. The lecture is held weekly on Sundays, starting on the 12th of Feb. and ending on the 4th of March, sponsored by a local FM radio station cross FM. Mr. Tohya, an owner of cafe causa and CEO of Unite Visions Corp. is the main lecturer, inviting weekly guest lecturers from local food businesses, such as French Restaurant, Ice-cream Shop, Pubs, and so on. The picture is the one I took at the lecture on Feb. 19th at Kokura Colette (a local department store, where there's one of cross FM radio studios).

In fact I and Mr. Tohya have been known each other quite long time on Twitter, and we also have several common friends or acquaintances. I've been wishing someday we could meet... and that's it!! Till that day we only have contact on the internet such as Twitter or Facebook but at last it becomes real. He looked natural and warm-hearted person and at the same time he looked confident and having stalwart heart.

This day we all students sat down under the paper flag on which a future shop name is written. That's totally made a mood of "I'm making the first step towards my dream!" Until I kind of decide my future shop name "siesta" I looked up Esperanto or Latin dictionaries again and again searching for some nice word representing my shop concepts. Because I might go way off the concept and decide out focused name, I asked my husband advises sometimes. I think this name "siesta" is not bad, quite nice, but I'm not sure this is gonna be the one.

Siesta means a long break in the afternoon, usually in Spain. I've heard that Spanish people usually take 3 or 4 hours for their lunch break everyday!! They have lunch very slow, and sometime they take a nap. That is one of my shop concepts. I'd like to serve healthy foods, warm hospitality from core of my heart, as well as a space where people can relax heart and soul.

The lecture consists of 2 parts: in the morning we learn about business plans, and in the afternoon we listen to and talk with the owner of a local restaurant or a coffee shop, this time the chef owner of a French Restaurant called Etincelle Kawamoto was the lecturer. For everyone aiming at starting business, money is the biggest interest. I learned a lot listening to his speech.

My impression what is the most important thing is:
Are YOU really READY and DETERMINED or not??

The series of the lecture continues next week and the week after. I'm really excited attending this lecture with all fun and enthusiastic fellows.

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cross FM主催の飲食店開業講座!楽し! - 2012.02.21 Tue

*写真はiPhone 4で撮影、camera+ とinstagramで編集。

写真は、先日2/19(日)にコレット小倉10Fで行われた、crossFM主催の『北九魂 北九州特産品の旨い店開業講座』にて。この講座は2/5(日)にプレ講座が、2/12、2/19、2/26、3/4の4回で本講座が行われることになっていて、小倉の
cafe causa
>> 講座の詳細・パンフはこちら




他にこの日は、事前に宿題として出されていた事業計画書に基づいて、主に資金計画や実際の物件探しなどについて詳しくお話を聞きました。やっぱり私達開業を目指す者にとって、お金は一番きになるところ。週替わりの講師で来られていた、フレンチレストラン『エタンセール カワモト』の川本さんも仰っていましたが、やはり、この業界でやっていくぞー!という「覚悟」が一番大切なのだなぁ、と強く感じました。


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