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photo: by Norihito Mitsunaga

こんにちは。ちえ(光永 知恵)です。
Hi, my name is Chie Mitsunaga, born in 1972.

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福岡県立八幡南高等学校 卒業。北九州大学(現:北九州市立大学)外国語学部英米学科 卒業。
I live in Wakamatsu, Kitakyushu-City, Fukuoka, JAPAN. Graduated from University of Kitakyushu, faculty of Foreign Studies (majored in English Linguistics).
I love singing, making cakes, and taking photos.

光永典人写真事務所/NM Photographyのマネージャ。
I'm a manager of NM Photography Office.
My husband, Norihito Mitsunaga, is a photographer.

光永典人写真事務所/NM Photography

好きなミュージシャン Favorite musicians:Foo Fighters, Courtney Love, Beck, James Iha, Garbage, 天野月子, BONNIE PINK, Cocco, The Donnas, and etc.
Since I was a University student, singing songs in a band or an acoustic unit is my life work. At the moment, I'm a vocalist in a unit called "HACOBUNE," giving small gigs once or twice a year.

Making cakes and cookies is my oldest life work, since I was 5 or 6 years old, giving very small assistance for my mom making madeleine. When I was 12 years old, I bought a recipe book by myself for the first time. It was really exciting to me having MY OWN recipe book!! I read and read repeatedly till it got worn out, dreaming of making cakes at home... At that time my family didn't have oven at home, so all I could bake at home were madeleine and cookies. I wanted to bake cheesecakes and chocolate cakes and more! When I went to Vancouver, Canada to study English when I was 24, in the apartment that I shared with my friend there were a big oven installed in the kitchen! That was a big deal to me. I also remember the time and excitement when I first got MY OWN oven when coming back to Japan when I was 25.

chie.の家族 My family:
相方 Husband >> 写真家:光永 典人 Norihito, a photographer
息子 Son >> はやと Hayato, 重度自閉症の9歳。9-year-old boy, having autism
photo: by chie.

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Hi, I'm chie. You can see my profile HERE. Thank you!



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