Time of Baking Cake - 2012.02.09 Thu

I'm baking cake now. It's been quite a while since the last time. Right now, right in the oven tha cake is expanding, just being about to be ready. These days I've been a little bit tired and didn't feel like doing my business, so I'm happy to have my precious time making sweets.

This weekend a workshop on photography is going to be held by Okuda Lab in the University of Kitakyushu
(Hibikino Campus), and my hudsband's invited to the workshop as a lecturer. For him, it's gonna be a little on the edge but I'm just excited about it, participating in the workshop.

I'm baking cake for people joining the workshop. Just for a tea break. I love to serve my handmade cake to everyone in everywhere, so I'm really excited about it. There'll be over 20 people at the workshop... they'll eat my cake... Oh my got, it's so nice!!

The cake that I'm baking right now, I've never made this before. I mean it's first time to make this kind of cake (what kind of cake?? Sorry I can't say at the moment). I wanted to eat this kind of cake for a long time. Today I gathered several recipes on the internet, considering whether I could use more butter or maybe I don't need flour that much and so on. I usually design recipes like this.

That means, now I'm doing the test production and at the same time the real production! Wow! I believe this cake is gonna be alright because the mixture just before putting in the oven tasted good. Oh I wanna eat this cake earlier than everybody!

Today I posted a nice tweet on Twitter:
"Apetite generates success!"

By the way...
I herely announce that I got married.
Starting on the last day of winter (it's February 3rd in Japanese traditional calender), I live as Chie Mitsunaga.

Thank you very much.

*My husband's website >> Norihito Mitsunaga Photography



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